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  • Used for wide elastic bands
  • cording meshwork and weaving
  • slide the locking pin into this position

A true aid for all quilters and patchworkers: the quilter's seam gauge. With this practical, rectangular stick, made of transparent plastic, ¼ seam allowances can be marked or measured in a ridiculously easy manner. To do so, simply place the quilter's seam gauge onto the stencil and mark the seam allowance. Above all, its compact 6.7-inch length allows it to easily and smoothly work with smaller patches and stencils. The quilter's seam gauge can be effortlessly combined with the patchwork stencils of the 6-unit stencil set.

  • For easy marking and measuring of ¼-inch measurements
  • Stable, transparent plastic
  • Small and practical to use
  • Ideally combinable with 6-pack stencil set

Size No. 3 : 43 X 0.90 mm (2 pieces)

Size No. 5 : 40 X 0.80 mm (2 pieces)

Size No. 7 : 36 X 0.70 mm (2 pieces)

Leather needles made of hardened steel in sizes 3, 5, and 7 are best suited for processing leather. The needles and their triangular tip make them easy to insert into leather material and furthermore prevent them from tearing it. 

  • A set of 20 pieces of 6 types that are often used for sewing.
  • Set in a convenient case that can be organized by type and application. Each pocket has a lid, making it easy to put in and take out the needle.
  • Contents: 6 types, 20 pieces, Meriken needle No.6 for slightly thick fabric / Ball point 3 size for knit fabric / Cotton needle No.3 for thick fabric / Silk needle No.2 for thin fabric / Gas needle No.8 for ordinary ground Silk needle for thin fabric No.8
  • Packing Size 63 × 95 × 7mm
  • The angles often used for patchwork are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • A protractor for quilters that clearly shows the angles often used for patchwork in red.
  • Contents: Body 160 x 90 x 1 mm thick
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Package size: 105 x 190 x 1.5 mm

High quality thread clipper - offers an excellent cutting edge and lasting performance. Clover's "Kuroha" Thread Clipper features a carbon steel blade and is 4 1/4" in length.

Suitable machines Sewing machines, Serger / Overlocker, Longarm Quilting
Suitable material Woven fabrics (light, medium and heavy-weight), Knitted fabrics, Leather, Plastic, Jeans/denim
Suitable projects General Sewing, Sewing on buttons and buttonholes, Zippers, Hems and topstitching, Decorative sewing, Embroidery, Patchwork, Quilting, Quilting

Clover Chacopen With Eraser - Pink (Air Erasable) #5012 Mark your fabric with precise fine lines that remove cleanly with a Clover Chaco Pen and eraser! This dual marking pen has a fine ball point pen at one end and an eraser at the other, so you can make your mark and then erase it


Pins smoothly pass through fabric, as the pin tips are thin and sharp. Long size pins are perfectly suited for quilting. Heat resistant glass head suited for ironing. 100 pins/case.

Size: 0.50 x 48 mm.


  • Steel
  • Glass


  • The slash cutter comes with two interchangeable guides. One for straight and one for curved slash cutting
  • The blade is firmly fixed to ensure smooth cutting. When the blade becomes dull, a special numeric wheel control turns for a sharper blade surface

*For blade refill use Rotary Cutter Refill 28mm (Art. No 7514 or 7515)


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Bending the guide downward or raising it forcefully when cutting can damage the guide
  • Excessive handling of the blade may cause rusting
  • Handle the blade with care as the edge is very sharp


  • Handle: ABS Resin, Elastomer
  • Guide, Wheel, Tightening Screw: Polyacetal
  • Blade Screws: Steel

- Great alternative to pins, especially when working with vinyls, piles, and heavy weight fabrics.
- Holds layered sections of sewing projects such as, handle connectors to handbags, piping, etc. without distortion.
- Holds quilt binding while sewing.
- Easy to see on your work and easy to find when dropped to the floor.
- Works well with sergers. (*sergers= overlock sewing machine)

Seam allowance can be estimated in units of 5mm, 7mm and 10mm.


Needle size NM : 90 / 14

Quantity per pack : 5 pcs

Suitable machines : Sewing machines, Serger / Overlocker, Longarm Quilting

Suitable material : Woven fabrics (light, medium and heavy-weight), Knitted fabrics, Leather, Plastic, Jeans/denim

Suitable projects : General Sewing, Sewing on buttons and buttonholes, Zippers, Hems and topstitching, Decorative sewing, Embroidery, Patchwork, Quilting, Quilting



Sewing Machine Needle Size 75/11 (5 pieces)

Ideal for processing elastic and highly elastic fabrics: These high-performance "Stretch” sewing machine needles offer the best prerequisites for sewing work on t-shirt fabric, lycra, silk jersey, or knitted goods thanks to its special hollow groove shape and a middle ball tip that is rounded off. Faulty stitches or cutting the elastic fibres are impressively prevented. The high quality of the sewing machine needles for stretch fabrics furthermore ensures longevity, even with intensive use. Thanks to their flat shanks, they are suitable for all conventional household sewing machines – even all conventional yarns can be used. The economy pack contains five needles in thickness 75.


Simply set, cut and sew to create beautiful Kanzashi Flowers!
Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese art form of folding and stitching fabric petals for use in beautiful hair adornments. Use this traditional Japanese form of folding and stitching fabric petals to create beautiful accessories to adorn jewelry, ready-to-wear items, home decor and more!

  • The long needle hole for easy threading and smooth cloth passage.
  • A sharp needle tip with good cloth passage that has been further polished after plating. The sewing needle clover is a special needle made for patchwork quilts. 
  • Contents: 10 pieces (thickness 0.76 mm length 49.2 mm 5 pieces / thickness 0.69 mm length 46.8 mm 5 pieces) 
  • Material: Steel 
  • Country of origin: Japan 
  • Package size: 33 x 74 x 3 mm
  • Size No 5 (40 X 0.8mm)
  • Size No 7 (38 X 0.7mm)
  • Size No 9 (34 X 0.6mm)
  • For all conventional sewing work
  • Long and medium-length hand sewing needles with a small golden eye
  • Extra slim, special tapering tip shape
  • Small eyes, do not leave any holes in the material

Prym long and medium-length hand sewing needles are made of hardened steel and have a burr-free embossed golden eye. Their fine and sleekly-polished tip shape, along with the smooth and non-porous, coated surface, can slide well through all material. The spring firmness ensures smooth use without bending and breaking. The needle head is shaped so that the needles can be effortlessly inserted. The long hand sewing needles are approx. 7 mm longer than the corresponding medium-length needles and are used for all conventional sewing work. Many consumers prefer long needles due to their better grip. In contrast, medium-length needles are often selected by experienced users for more elaborate sewing work and are popular due to their faster puncturing speed.


Quick and easy Yo-Yo Maker templates!
“QUICK” Yo-Yo Makers allow you to make evenly spaced stitches to create beautiful gathers. Fold the seam allowance, rounding off to make a nicely shaped yo-yo. These templates are perfect for sewing, quilting, and embellishments for covers, table runners, bags and more.


A fine, long and sharp needle suited for delicate piece applique. 15 needles per package.

Available in 3 sizes

  1. No. 9 (0.46mm x 28.8mm)
  2. No. 10 (0.53mm x 34.9mm)
  3. No. 12 (0.46mm x 33.3mm)

Material: Steel

  • Designed to fit the hand perfectly
  • Safety ball to protect fabric when removing stitches
  • Lessens stress on those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Package dimensions : 2.75 inches (H) x 9.0 inches (L) x 4.0 inches (W)