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Clover Wonder Clips are ideal for seam binding and many other crafts. They are easy to see and find if dropped on the floor. They open wide to accommodate several layers of fabric. Because they eliminate pinning, they are perfect for Vinyl's and laminates.


A stitch guide that can be aligned with the edge of the fabric for stitching.
If the stitch guide is aligned with the fabric before stitching with a sewing machine, a neat stitch with a consistent seam-width can be achieved.
The guide comes with an adhesive sheet that can adhere to both metal and plastic surfaces, enabling it to be fixed at any location


Fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves. The Refill Catridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (sold separately) is easy to replace when the powdered ink runs out.


  • Fit the cap to bottom of the pen during usefor added length and easy drawing
  • Pat the powdered ink to erase lines and marks. Wash fabric with detergent to remove any persistent marks

Notes for Use

  • Test on a piece of scrap fabric to be sure that the lines and marks can be erased (do not use fabrics that are not washable)
  • Keep the Chaco Liner Pen Style as vertical as possible during use
  • Ironing or dry cleaning may make the marks permanent
  • Fasten the cap firmly to the body when not in use, to prevent spills


  • Body: ABS Resin, Polyethylene
  • Powder: Talc, Pigment

Sharp needle tip enables smooth insertion into fabric.

Sizes include

  • 0.84mm x 50.8mm (2pcs)
  • 0.99mm x 44.5mm (2pcs)
  • 0.91mm x 42.9mm (2pcs)
  • 0.89mm x 34.9mm (2pcs)

Materials: Steel


Neatly store and carry up to 10 threaded sewing needles compactly for all your hand stitching needs with the Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case. It's perfect for travel, hand quilting, embroidery, and other hand stitched projects.



Long and thin needles, specially made to string beads and pearls. Can be used for ribbon embroidery. 4 needles/package

Sizes included

  • No. 10 (0.41 x 54.6mm): 2pcs
  • No. 13 (0.41 x 48.5mm): 2pcs

Materials: Steel