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Excellent for sewing and quilting. Fine pins with diameter of 0.56mm. (35 pins per package).


  • Easy to use Fork Pins feature 2 pins in one
  • For pinning material lining and fabrics in place

Material: Steel


Transfer your designs easily with the help of Iron-on Transfer Pencils. Place the tracing paper on the design that you wish to transfer. Trace your design with Iron-on Pencils, then place the traced design onto the fabric and iron.


“HERA”™ Marker for Appliqué & Sewing The ideal shape of the spatula and the extra thin tip useful in folding are perfect for appliqué. Extra thin tip with curved design. This marker is easy to use for appliqué work and creasing.


Prym's metal sewing gauge is so handy for setting, measuring and marking any measurement. Its so neat you can use on work directly on the sewing machine or on knitting or crochet

The red plastic spacer allows you to pre-determine the dimension of a seam and distances between button-holes and to transfer them effortlessly.  The red plastic spacers allow you to pre-determine the dimension of a seam and distances between button-holes and to transfer them effortlessly. A hole in the upper corner of the gauge makes it possible to secure the tool and to use it like compass to trace circles and curves. The scale is shown in both centimetres and inches; the inch side has additional notches to make marking easier. This practical sewing accessory can also be used to size sewn-in pleats.

20cm long / 8 inches


Refill blade for Rotary Cutter-45 mm (Art. No 7500). Protective blade holder makes replacement safe and easy. 1 pc per package


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Be careful when handling the blade because it is extremely sharp


  • Blade: Steel
  • Protective Blade Holder: Polypropylene

Cuts fabric beautifully with the right amount of blade exposed, whether held upright or at an angle. Can be adjusted for left or right handed use. Available in 4 sizes: 18mm (Art. No 7503), 28mm (Art. No 7501), 45mm (Art. No 7500), and 60mm (Art. No 7502). Blade refills sold separately.

How to Use

  1. Pull the lever in the direction of the arrow to raise the cover and expose the blade for cutting
  2. When closing back the blade push the lever in the direction of arrow to cover blade for greater safety


  • When cutting, be sure to place cutting mat underneath the material
  • Be sure to keep the blade covered when not in use


  • Handle: ABS Resin, Elastomer
  • Lever, Cover: Polyacetal
  • Blade, Screw: Steel


The curved, brass safety pins are particularly suited for quilt and patchwork projects. They are extremely rust-resistant and can therefore remain in the work piece for a longer time as well. Their curved shape allows it to easily pierce and affix several layers of fabric. The pins also have a high level of fastening force when opened and closed frequently, since the brass used has balanced spring force. 

  • Brass safety pins for quilt and patchwork projects
  • Sizes: 38 mm
  • Curved shape for a better insertion angle

Needle size NM : 80 / 12

Quantity per pack : 5 pcs

Suitable machines : Sewing machines, Serger / Overlocker, Longarm Quilting

Suitable material : Woven fabrics (light, medium and heavy-weight), Knitted fabrics, Leather, Plastic, Jeans/denim

Suitable projects : General Sewing, Sewing on buttons and buttonholes, Zippers, Hems and topstitching, Decorative sewing, Embroidery, Patchwork, Quilting, Quilting


Embroidery or crewel needles have extra large eyes for strands of cotton or ribbon embroidery thread. Mainly used for either cotton or ribbon embroidery. 16 needles per package.

Sizes include

  • No. 3 (0.99 x 44.5mm) 2 pcs
  • No. 4 (0.91x 42.99mm) 2 pcs
  • No. 5 (0.84 x 41.3mm) 2 pcs
  • No. 6 (076 x 39.7mm) 2 pcs
  • No. 7 (0.69 x 38.1mm) 2 pcs
  • No. 8 (0.61 x 36.5mm) 3 pcs
  • No. 9 (0.53 x 34.9mm) 3 pcs

Material: Steel

  • Useful for folding long straight lines and curves.
  • A long type of "iron ruler" that allows you to quickly and easily fold back the cloth, such as raising the hem of a skirt or folding it in three.
  • We have created a 25 cm "long side" that can fold long straight lines and a "curved side" that is convenient for folding curves such as the hem of a skirt.
  • The long side is a long straight line for making clothes. The short side is for small parts such as cuffs. The curved side is a curve such as the hem of the skirt.
  • How to use: Align the edge of the cloth with the line of the width you want to fold. Fold the cloth at the edge of the ruler and iron the creases.
  • Package size: 85 x 290 x 3 mm

Prym Dressmakers Beeswax is the perfect sewing tool for stopping your thread getting knotted up whilst sewing. Prym Dressmakers Wax makes such a huge difference – thread doesn’t get tangled like before and makes it easier to stitch – everyone should stock this essential tool in their studio!



These long pins are equipped with a flat, flower-shaped head made of heat-resistant, yellow plastic and are specially tailored to the needs of patchwork and quilt work. This highly-stable connection between the stem and head for high stress and even, pore-free surface coating round off the requirements profile. Its fine tip easily penetrates several layers of fabric without damaging the fibres. The pins’ flat heads even let you easily iron over them. Prym sells the quilt pins in a transparent canister of 50 units each.

  • Quilt pins with flat, plastic head
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Ironable at 2 spots
  • Size: 50 x 0.6 mm

Long pins can hold together many layers of fabric. The flat head is convenient for machine stitching. 20 pins/card.

Size: 0.55 x 50mm


  • Head is not heat-resistant. Do not apply iron directly


  • Needle: Steel
  • Head: ABS Resin
  • You can open the seam allowance with a light force, knock down the seam allowance, and make creases quickly.
  • If you use it instead of an iron, work efficiency will improve.
  • The design is easy on both cloth and hands.
  • 1. Since it is pressed while rotating, it does not stretch and damage the fabric.
  • 2. Since the center of the roller is thick, seams and creases can be pressed intensively, and the edges of the cloth will not be exposed.
  • 3. A universal design handle that is easy on the hands. Since it is easy to grip, it can be pressed firmly with a light force, and it does not put a burden on the hand. It is also easy to use for left-handed people.
  • It is also useful for non-ironable materials such as laminates, foundation piecing and sewing machine piecing, and folds before ironing.
  • Material: ・ Roller: Polyacetal, Stainless steel ・ Handle: ABS resin
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Package size: 75 × 190 × 30mm

Just clip and push to easily turn fabric tubes right side out. Insert for cording, elastics, and batting strips.


  • Just clip onto the edge of the fabric tube and push, turning the fabric right side out
  • Cording or strips of batting can be inserted simultaneously


  1. Clip onto the edge of the fabric tube using the clip. Press against the clip until you feel a slight click locking in the fabric
  2. To turn the fabric tube right side out push the Easy Loop Turner into the fabric tube
  3. After completeing the fabric reversing process, return the clip to its original position. Push in the fabric edge slghtly to release the clip.

Material: Polyacetal


When it dries, it will be transparent.

Clover Craft Glue is the durable, clear-drying wet tack glue that offers a long-lasting bond, and post-drying flexibility. Safe and non-toxic, this glue won't run and is ideal for multi-purpose craft projects involving porous and semi-porous materials.



The Prym leather thimble perfectly adapts to any finger size due to its flexible rubber band at the top. The leather underside provides reliable protection for the whole finger when sewing. It is an especially popular sewing tool for quilting and patchwork and is often used. Its soft but durable leather offers sufficient grip and allows for precise guiding and pushing of the needle. Due to its natural materials, the thimble has a high wearing comfort.

  • Leather thimble for quilting and patchwork
  • Adapts to every finger size
  • Provides protection for the whole finger
  • High wearing comfort due to its soft leather
  • You can firmly grasp the needle.
  • A well-ventilated perforated rubber sack that is convenient for grasping and pulling out a needle that is difficult to pull out of the cloth. Since it is made of natural rubber and is ultra-thin (0.5 mm), you can firmly grasp the needle without impairing the feeling of your fingertips.
  • Contents: Small (inner diameter approx. 14 mm, thickness 0.5 mm) (porous type) 1 set 2 pieces
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Package size: 60 x 105 x 11 mm

A stitch guide that can be aligned with the edge of the fabric for stitching.
If the stitch guide is aligned with the fabric before stitching with a sewing machine, a neat stitch with a consistent seam-width can be achieved.
The guide comes with an adhesive sheet that can adhere to both metal and plastic surfaces, enabling it to be fixed at any location